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    Jacob Stainer: Micro-CT analysis of top-block and pins


    In the April 2019 issue of The Strad, Rudolf Hopfner explains how the neck root and top-block of a Jacob Stainer violin made after 1650 gives insights into his working methods – and solves a mystery about the maker’s training in the process. This video, made up of hundreds of ...

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    How many luthiers does it take to make two violins in a week?


    This video follows the week-long process of making two new violins for the Royal Northern College of Music instrument collection during its Strings Festival in March 2018. Luthiers Kai-Thomas Roth, William Castle, Marc Soubeyran and Tibor Szemmelveisz collaborated on building two violins between 2 and 8 March, one based ...

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    From the archive: A violin by Jacob Stainer, 1679


    In this article from the April 1990 issue of The Strad, Roger Hargrave examines the construction and workmanship of this violin, which still retains its original undisturbed baroque neck

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    From the Archive: a violin by Jacob Stainer, Absam, c.1660


    This illustration of a violin by Jacob Stainer was published in The Strad, May 1975. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs: Jacob Stainer, the most celebrated of all the German school of makers, was born at Hall, near Absam, Austria in 1621. His distinctive model ...