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Alma Deutscher performs Schubert’s Ständchen


16 year old Deutscher performs the work with a familiar looking ‘friend’ on piano


Joy, warmth and humour: Natalie Clein on Haydn Cello Concerto in D major


In this extract from the September 2021 Masterclass, cellist Natalie Clein guides players through the opening of Haydn’s virtuosic work

Editor's pick


‘Planting seeds for my relationship with music’ - Hilary Hahn and the Suzuki method


As a former Suzuki student, violinist Hilary Hahn shares her earliest memories of lessons and how they shaped her into the musician she is now

Current online issue


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‘Suzuki kids grow up in an environment where everybody's supported and where difficult skills are broken down into something more achievable’
How the Suzuki teaching method has become an unparalleled success around the globe since its founding in 1945.

‘I ask students to relinquish their dependence on vibrato and focus on the expressive potential of the bow’
Why conservatoires should embrace Historically Informed Performance.

Cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca on how is latest recording project is designed to highlight the environmental challenges facing humanity

'The idea of applying a neural network to musical acoustics seemed quite far-fetched' The science of violin acoustics has encompassed 3D scanning, CNC technology and good old-fashioned tap tones - so why not AI software

'Shafran could replace a good number of shifts with a stretch, moving around the fingerboard in an almost violinistic manner'. Russian cellist Daniil Shafran was one of the 20th century's most distinctive musicians



Project Luthier image main

Project Lutherie: Euclidean geometry and digital instrument design


A decade ago, François Denis’s Traité de Lutherie showed how the old Italians used Euclidean geometry to design their instruments. Now a computer program based on these principles allows luthiers to construct and adapt patterns quickly and easily. Its creator, Harry Mairson, explains the genesis of Digital Amati, in this ...

Zanini and Geordini

Imaging technology: Learning the finer points


Researchers have used particle-accelerator technology to unlock a Guadagnini’s tiniest secrets. Trieste-based imaging specialist Franco Zanini explains how, in this lutherie feature from January 2012

Leslie Wyatt Cover March 1990

The geometry of violin outlines: Proportional representation


In this article from March 1990, Leslie Wyatt offers a rational and coherent geometrical method for the construction of an inner form outline and for sizing and positioning the f-holes, to break free from the traditional slavish reproduction of classical instruments


Sentimental Work: Roger Tapping


Listening to Brahms’s String Sextet no.1 op.18 is one of the earliest memories of the Juilliard Quartet violist – and might even be the reason why he took up the viola


Analysis September 2021: Cloud coverage


Online-only competitions have become ubiquitous in the past year, and competitors have had to adjust quickly to this new way of assessment. Where does the future lie? By Peter Somerford


Competitions, Awards and Appointments: September 2021


This month’s competition results, appointments and forthcoming contests

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September 2021: Welcome


The Strad’s editor Charlotte Smith introduces the September 2021 issue


Soundpost: Letters to the Editor September 2021


A selection of letters The Strad receives each month from its readers around the world: September 2021 issue

More from Lutherie


More reviews



Opinion: Make ’em laugh


Humour can be a useful tool when teaching – especially online, argues Naomi Yandell

Hsin-Yun Huang

Opinion: Relaxed body, focused mind


The art of Chinese calligraphy has much to teach us about playing a stringed instrument, writes violist Hsin-Yun Huang


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