You can now download every issue of The Strad for the past two years on to your iPad, smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet computer. Since January we have been adding extra content to some of the features and regulars in each issue. Here’s a summary of the extra content in our April edition:

Christian Tetzlaff
Audio clips of two pieces mentioned in the cover story: Jörg Widmann’s Violin Concerto and the Tarantella from Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Mambo, Blues and Tarantella

In Focus
Close-up images of this month’s featured instrument, including high-resolution photos of the scroll, front and back

Practice Diary
Video of Nils Mönkemeyer practising Bartók’s Viola Concerto, with hints and tips on the most difficult passages

Links to videos of writer Alicia Svigals demonstrating elements of klezmer style, via The Strad’s dedicated YouTube channel

Clips from all three of this month’s recommended CDs

PLUS: jump straight to each article just by touching its entry on the Contents page, or any of the features on the cover

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