• 1682 Amati crop

    In focus: a 1682 violin by Nicolò Amati


    Precision and elegance abound in this grand pattern Amati once owned by the Italian virtuoso Spagnoletti, writes Christopher Reuning

  • Milanollo crop

    In focus: the 1728 'Milanollo' Stradivari


    Roger Hargrave examines the Stradivari ‘Milanollo’ violin of 1728, one of the few of the master’s instruments to keep its original sharpness

  • Archinto crop

    In focus: the 1696 Stradivari 'Archinto' viola


    John Dilworth praises the archetypal beauty of Stradivari’s ‘Archinto’ viola, a magical example of form and aesthetic

  • Cannone museum case

    Paganini's 'Il Cannone' violin played in Columbus, Ohio


    This clip from the Columbus Dispatch shows Columbus Symphony concertmaster Joanna Frankel trying out ‘Il Cannone’, Paganini’s favourite violin, during its weeklong stay at the Columbus Museum of Art. The violin, made in 1743 by Guarneri ‘Del Gesù’, was nicknamed ‘Il Cannone’ (the cannon) by Paganini because of its ...

  • Carlson Paganini 1

    Looking after Paganini's 'Il Cannone' violin


    Entrusted with the task of conserving one of the world’s most valuable violins, Bruce Carlson has made it easier to play, while taking it closer to how it would have looked to Paganini. In this article first published in 2004, he explains

  • nmm crop

    Home visit for Cremonese instruments from US National Music Museum


    The Museo del Violino prepares to welcome instruments by Stradivari, the Amatis and others from collection housed in Vermillion, South Dakota

  • Ornati53tav

    In focus: 1953 violin by Giuseppe Ornati


    A maker and also tutor at the Cremona International Violin Making School, whose influence was keenly felt among Italian luthiers during the latter part of the 20th century.

  • Rugeri crop

    In focus: 1675 violin by Francesco Rugeri


    In this article from the December 2014 issue, Fausto Cacciatori takes a close look at a fine example of a rather enigmatic maker with links to Nicolò Amati

  • Mystery_April25_1
    Premium ❘ Gallery

    From the archive: a violin by Joseph Guarneri del Gesu, 1738


    This illustration of a violin by Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesu' was published in The Strad, January 1925. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: This wonderful Joseph is indeed a fiddle which justifies the use of superlatives in any attempt to describe it, and one ...

  • Mystery_Instrument_Amati
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    From the archive: a violin by Niccolo Amati, 1658


    This illustration of a 1658 Niccolo Amati violin was published in The Strad, November 1923. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: This lovely example of Niccolo Amati – at his best – forms part of the collection of fiddles by Captain John Audley Harvey, ...