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    Working from home: the Kanneh-Mason family


    A video introduced by the Kanneh-Mason sisters in which they describe their daily routine before cutting to a cello and violin duet between 20-year-old Sheku and his 22-year-old brother Braimah. The video finishes with a piano performance from 23-year-old Isata.

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    Kanneh-Mason Trio performs Deep River


    Performed by the Kanneh-Mason Trio, this is an arrangement of the traditional spiritual Deep River. It is based on the 1904 piano arrangement by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. The trio comprises the Kanneh-Mason siblings Sheku (cello), Isata (piano) and Braimah (violin), and this recording is being released by Decca as their ...

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    Kanneh-Mason Trio plays Rachmaninov's Elegiaque


    In this video, filmed in 2016, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, his pianist sister Isata and violinist brother Braimah perform Rachmaninov’s Elegiaque.