Anthea Kreston's 1928 instrument was taken from the overhead rack


A 1928 Carl Becker violin belonging to Artemis Quartet second violinist Anthea Kreston was stolen yesterday at around 2pm on a train from Berlin to Basel. The instrument was taken from the overhead rack while the train was travelling between Frankfurt and Mannheim stations.

The quartet were on their way perform at a concert in Freiberg that evening and despite the setback managed to fulfil their engagement due to the generosity of four musicians, who each offered to lend their violins to Kreston.

'Four people came to lend me their violins for the concert! All lovely instruments. And lovely people! Now I have 27 minutes to get used to one!' wrote Kreston on the Artemis Quartet's Facebook page.

The group has also shared pictures of the instrument (below), made in the Chicago workshop of William Lewis & Son, and is asking:

'Please keep your eyes open and spread this information to help us to find it! Thank you so much for all your support!!!'

The Artemis Quartet appointed Anthea Kreston as its new second violinist in January of this year following the death of violist Friedemann Weigle at the age of 53 in July 2015. The ensemble's then second violinist Gregor Sigl now performs viola with the ensemble.