The four-day event features 18 luthiers and will include workshops and talks


A group of European violin makers are to build a string quartet of instruments over four days for a public audience at the Vienna Concert House. Titled 'Quartett-gebaut-gehört' (Quartet-built-heard) and organised by Violin Craft Vienna, the event will take place from 19 to 23 October in the venue's foyer, featuring 18 violin makers.

The newly built instruments will be performed by the Radio String Quartet Vienna on the evening of 23 October and subsequently auctioned‚ with all proceeds going to Aktion Superar, an initiative which aims to make music accessible to children of all backgrounds.

Throughout the four-day event, fine instruments made by all participating luthiers will be exhibited at the Concert House. Schools will also take part in workshops with violin makers and students of the Viennese University for Music and Performing Arts.

The luthiers taking part in the event are: Henriette Lersch, Martin Rainer, Gerlinde Reutterer, Roland Schueler, Usa von Stietencron, Bärbel Bellinghausen, Alberto Cassutti, Johanna de Hoop, Tanguy Fraval, Benoit Gervais, Bas Maas, Jens Norskov, Christian Pabst, Susanne Riebesehl, Franz Ìbelhör, Julia van der Waerden, Bettina Weichselbaumer, Sebastian Zens.

For full details visit the Vienna Concert House website.

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