‘Bertha’, choreographed by Cathy Marston (the brain behind the ROH’s The Cellist) in collaboration with Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, explores the psyche of Bertha Mason, the love-scorned antagonist of the novel ‘Jane Eyre.’

With a score for violin and handpan, this origin story of ‘the woman in the attic’ marks the latest chapter in Marston’s ongoing exploration of her full-length ballet ‘Jane Eyre’, which the Joffrey debuted in 2019.

Direction: Cathy Marston, Tim Whalen

Choreography/Story: Cathy Marston

Music by Errollyn Wallen, Published by Errollyn Wallen © 2021 All rights reserved

Film Featuring: Joffrey Artists Christine Rocas as Bertha, Dylan Gutierrez as Rochester, Jeraldine Mendoza as Jane Eyre/Young Bertha Score

Performed By: Sara Trickey — Violin, Rosie Bergonzi — Handpan

Music Recorded and Mixed By: Gerry O’Riordan, at The Soundhouse Studios, London Rehearsal Director: Suzanne Lopez Costumes: Patrick Kinmonth Produced By: The Joffrey Ballet, Big Foot Media.

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