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  • SpiderVideo1

    Violins made with spiders' silk played in duet


    A violin made from a composite material including spiders’ silk has been developed at Imperial College London. Luca Alessandrini, a postgraduate from the Dyson School of Design Engineering, has made a prototype instrument from the material, which features three strands of golden silk, spun by an Australian ...

  • Spider_Silk_Violin

    New prototype violin made with spiders’ silk


    The composite material, which uses the silk’s vibrating properties, has been developed at Imperial College London

  • Oscillating1

    Violin string vibrations captured on video


    Watch string vibrations captured with a CMOS sensor, 24 frames per second video and 1/4000 shutter speed. According to the film's author, it has not been edited. The effect can be explained by 'the refresh rate of the camera catching the vibration at different parts of the arch'.Subscribe ...