Everything you need to help you make the right choice for your further education

The Strad’s free online Degrees Hub is available now – featuring not only full listings of string playing and teaching courses worldwide, but also interviews and learning tips to help you make the right choice for your further education.

The Essential Information section includes advice on choosing the right course, a selection of specialist music programmes for those looking for a specific focus, and lists of professors and their corresponding musical institution, for those who wish to choose their degree by a preferred teacher.

In the People section you can find interviews with students and teachers, providing a personal insight into the learning environment and facilities of a number of the courses listed.

The Learning section features more general educational articles – ranging from practice tips and technical guides to advice on building a career and finding the right instrument, at the right price, to see you through your study and beyond.

All the degrees listed are searchable by course, location and elective, making it even easier to plan your further education and to find the right course to suit your needs.

Visit the Degrees Hub for full information.