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    None of my teachers were any good at explaining technique - Ruggiero Ricci


    Celebrating his 90th birthday in July 2008, the legendary violinist looked back at his teaching influences and revealed that he was largely self-taught

  • Matthewtrusler

    Violinist Ruggiero Ricci's three commandments - by former student Matthew Trusler


    The British violinist - founder of Orchid Classics and co-artistic director of the Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival - shares the three main lessons he learned from his former teacher Ruggiero Ricci

  • ricci

    Listen to Ruggiero Ricci's Lorenzo Storioni violin, 1779


    David Ballesteros plays an excerpt from Massenet’s Méditation on a 1779 violin by Lorenzo Storioni, formerly owned by Ruggiero Ricci. The instrument is due to be auctioned by Brompton's Fine and Rare Instruments at The Royal Institution in London on 27 March 2017. Accompanying the instrument are ...

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    Violinist Ruggiero Ricci performs Paganini's La Campanella aged 12


    The great violinist Ruggiero Ricci performs Paganini's La Campanella (from his Violin Concerto no.2) in 1930 at the age of 12. Read: None of my teachers were any good at explaining technique – Ruggiero Ricci Listen: Violinist Jascha Heifetz performs Mozart aged 11

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    Violinist Ruggiero Ricci performs Bach and Paganini encores


    Ruggiero Ricci performs encores following a concert in Florence in 1985 at the age of 67. First up is the Prelude from Bach's Solo Partita no.3, followed by Paganini's Caprice no.17. Read the great violinist's memories of his teachers: None of my teachers were any good at ...

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    Violinists Ruggiero Ricci and Ivry Gitlis clowning around


    Legendary violinists Ruggiero Ricci and Ivry Gitlis share musical jokes while lying on a bed together. An excerpt from documentary 'Ruggiero Ricci † Life is a Violin', filmed for Xochil Productions and available in full on Subscribe to The Strad or download our digital edition as ...

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    Ruggiero Ricci answers audience questions, aged 91


    Maestro, which type of bow did you use to perform Paganini's Caprice no.5? 'A good one!' In celebration of his 91st birthday, the late, great violinist Ruggiero Ricci gives a masterclass and answers audience questions at Scripps College, Claremont, California in 2009 to great comic effect. Subscribe ...

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    Ruggiero Ricci plays Ravel's Tzigane


    The first performance of Maurice Ravel's Tzigane took place on 26 April 1924. Here's a performance by the late violinist Ruggiero Ricci, given in 1984.You can read The Strad's tribute to 'the master soloist and prolific recording artist' in the December 2012 issue, and a two-CD recording from ...

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    Violin legend Ruggiero Ricci dies at 94


    Violin virtuoso Ruggiero Ricci has died at the age of 94, of heart failure, according to his son Gian-Franco Ricci. He was a towering figure in the string world, a former child prodigy known for his technical brilliance and range of colour, which combined in definitive performances ...