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  • SpiderVideo1

    Violins made with spiders' silk played in duet


    A violin made from a composite material including spiders’ silk has been developed at Imperial College London. Luca Alessandrini, a postgraduate from the Dyson School of Design Engineering, has made a prototype instrument from the material, which features three strands of golden silk, spun by an Australian ...

  • Spider_Silk_Violin

    New prototype violin made with spiders’ silk


    The composite material, which uses the silk’s vibrating properties, has been developed at Imperial College London

  • BayerCello

    Futuristic cello projects videos and lighting displays


    High-tech polymer manufacturer Bayer MaterialScience has developed a prototype interactive cello. The instrument's polyurethane body can display videos or graphics, tell you when you’re out of tune, and keep you in time using a flashing metronome beat. The idea for Cello 2.0 emerged when Bayer MaterialScience asked its design partner, ...