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    Trade Secrets: Regluing split corner-blocks


    A reliable method for rejoining blocks split for a restoration, particularly useful for cello repairs

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    Making Matters: Baroque to the future


    Luthier Mathijs Heyligers has recently completed a project to give the same Baroque set-up to a chamber orchestra’s entire string section. What happened – and how did it change the sound? 

  • 1672-1713
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    Curiouser and curiouser


    Was the 1672 ‘Mahler’ the first viola ever made by Antonio Stradivari? As Jonathan Marolle explains, this is just one of the unanswerable questions that arise when studying this fascinating instrument

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    Power of two


    In early May, violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and cellist Sol Gabetta premiered Akin , a new double concerto written for them by Michel van der Aa. Pwyll ap Siôn attended this performance, in Cologne, Germany, and spoke to composer and soloists about bringing the work to the stage

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    Masterclass: Rodney Friend on Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso


    Spanish dance and Heifetz are two of Rodney Friend’s biggest influences in this popular showpiece

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    Technique: chords


    How to tackle multi-stopped passages with more confidence, musicality and alacrity with Pavel Berman , professor of violin at the Lugano Conservatoire in Switzerland, and Academy of Perosi in Biella, Italy

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    In the mix


    The Edinburgh Quartet recently selected its 2019 apprentice, following a round of public auditions featuring performances from nine young musicians. As the training programme enters its third session, Toby Deller discovers a unique opportunity for rehearsal and performance    

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    A measured approach


    Although the many varied methods of stringed instrument making have been analysed countless times, the actual production process has hardly been questioned in its 450-year history. Luan Amorim and Amanda Schwegler use techniques taken from engineering to survey the time and cost factors – and come up with some unusual ...

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    Where there’s a will there’s a way


    During two months in Uganda, Pauline Harding learns about the indigenous one-stringed endingidi, and discovers how difficult it can be to learn an instrument in a country whose education system lends little support for arts training 

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    From the Archive: July 1939


    Cellist Gregor Piatigorsky gives a first-hand account of his flight from Russia into Poland

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    Forms of mystery


    Andrea Zanrè and Philip Ihle conclude their examination of Stradivari’s moulds, with the aid of micro-CT imaging by Rudolf Hopfner, by exploring whether the Cremonese master may have used more than the twelve forms that survive in the Museo del Violino

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    Blue Sky Teaching


    String tutors are always looking for ways to help students develop or refine their technique, and some use unconventional approaches. Judith Kogan spoke with three such teachers, all based in North America and whose unique ideas are achieving significant results

  • Marie Hall online
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    Women of the World


    At the beginning of the 20th century, as social attitudes towards women were changing, a small number of female violinists became internationally renowned. Linking the members of this intrepid group was the famous Czech string teacher Otakar Ševčík, as Rosalind Ventris discovers

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    Inside information


    Very often neglected, the chamfers of a bow head can give intimate clues as to a maker’s working style and personal characteristics. Anton Lu and Dai-Ting Chung compare and contrast bows from the Baroque era to the present day 

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    Small Forces, Big Ambitions


    The french orchestra recently launched its own digital-only label. The third release features soloist and conductor Thomas Zehetmair in a Haydn violin concerto alongside two string orchestra arrangements of Strauss and Bruckner, writes Gavin Dixon

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    From the Archive: June 1929


    In his monthly Random Notes column, the anonymous ‘Ike’ discusses the arrival of the talkies, and the collective panic they’ve caused among cinema musicians

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    Technique: left-hand finger independence


    How to build strength and flexibiltiy for a truly agile left hand with Adriana Larosa Ransom, profesor of cello and string project director at Illinois State University, US 

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    Masterclass: Philip Dukes on Mozart Sinfonia Concertante


    Idiosyncrasies, ensemble and eloquence help Philip Dukes to bring out the magic of Mozart in the first movement of this much-loved concerto for violin and viola 

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    Making Matters: The fine-tuned universe


    The harmonic properties of a string’s afterlength have been examined in the past – but what about the ‘before-length’, from the peg to the top nut? André Theunis and Gunnar Gidion find some surprising results in their investigations.

  • My Space Charlélie Dauriat
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    My Space: Charlélie Dauriat


    A glimpse into the workshop of the luthier based in the Château de Gourville, France