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Haydn String Quartets op.20, Vol 2, nos.1, 4 & 6

Haydn String Quartets op.20, Vol 2, nos.1, 4 & 6

In the July 2020 issue of The Strad, the four members of the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam discuss the meticulous process behind recording Haydn’s String Quartets op.20 nos.1, 4 and 6, using Classical-style bows. ’They’re balanced quite differently,’ says violinist Judith van Driel. ‘The balance point is much nearer the middle of this one, so you play more on the string, which takes some getting used to. The modern bow allows for and calls for more playing technique. With this bow you have to do much less – you more or less just move the bow and it does spiccato.

’We had to get used to them, and that took a year. It’s much harder to blend them – and maybe the voices shouldn’t blend too well! We play Beethoven with them, and people at concerts tell us afterwards that they’ve never heard all the different voices so clearly: the bows are making a big difference.’

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