Cellist Laura van der Heijden graces the cover of this month’s issue, which features the luthier’s guide to customer relations, the Henschel Quartet’s 30th anniversary, plus our annual Accessories supplement

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LAURA VAN DER HEIJDEN The British cellist talks to Toby Deller about finding new facets to her musical personality, along with her new recording of concertos by UK composers

CUSTOMER RELATIONS How can luthiers cultivate a better relationship with clients – and vice versa? Korinthia A. Klein hands on some tips for good communication on both sides

HENSCHEL QUARTET Formed in 1994, the chamber group is marking its 30th anniversary with a long-awaited premiere at Aldeburgh, as Andrew Stewart finds out

SESSION REPORT Joshua Gindele, cellist of the Miró Quartet, speaks to Harry White about the group’s latest recording, as well as its enthusiasm for commissioning new music

PIANO TRIOS Is the combination of violinist, cellist and pianist becoming more popular among the new generation of chamber players? Charlotte Gardner investigates

ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENTS Colin Gough presents a method for measuring the sound waves inside an instrument soundbox, which could provide a more accurate insight into its tone

BRIDGES FROM THE ARCHIVES The first half of the 20th century saw countless attempts to improve the design of an instrument bridge, as proven by the advertisements in The Strad ’s pages

In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS A violin by Evasio Emilio Guerra

TRADE SECRETS An acoustic measurement rig

MY SPACE British luthier Roger Hansell

MAKING MATTERS Are instrument museums displaying their pochette collections correctly?

MASTERCLASS Playing the first movement of Franck’s Violin Sonata on the double bass

TECHNIQUE Violinist Nicolas Dupont gives hints and tips on how to practise in 5ths

LIFE LESSONS The memories and opinions of American violinist Jennifer Koh

OPINION How violin players can and should should use their left thumb more effectively

POSTCARD FROM UTRECHT The Netherlands Violin Competition and Night of the Violin

FROM THE ARCHIVE An account of the varied career of John Frederick Lott II, from June 1904

SENTIMENTAL WORK Andrés Cárdenes discusses his relationship with Chausson’s Poème

AUCTION REPORT News from London’s spring auction season


Print subscribers also receive our 52-page Accessories 2024 guide: 

HARDWOOD ALTERNATIVES We take a look at some of the products appearing on the market to take the place of everything from ebony to pernambuco

TECH OF THE STARS Some of the world’s top non-classical string players reveal the electronic devices they use to transform their sound

PRODUCTS A ten-page round-up of everything from rosins, cases, strings, tech, shoulder rests and tools to help luthiers in their work

PHOTOSHOP SKILLS A guide for luthiers to help with cutting out an instrument photo, along with reproducing the exact colours of the varnish

THE PRICE IS RIGHT Product ranges to fit every budget, from a selection of manufacturers

FINISHING THE WOOD SURFACE Luthier Narelle Freeman gives a guide to the materials that can be used to finish an instrument before varnishing


Plus, in your June digital edition:

  • Read Laura van der Heijden’s cover interview with Toby Deller, while listening to clips from her latest CD of concertos by British composers
  • Session Report: extra photos and audio clips from the Miró Quartet’s new album Home, featuring works by Samuel Barber, Kevin Puts and Harold Arlen
  • View images of pochettes from Dutch artworks of the 17th and 18th centuries, as part of this month’s Making Matters article on their bridge placement
  • Auction Report: view more of the highlights from the spring auctions at Tarisio London, Brompton’s and Ingles & Hayday
  • My Space: extra images from the workshop of Yorkshire luthier and fittings maker Roger Hansell
  • Read our review of Maureen Taranto-Pyatt’s book The Living Art of Violin Playing with extra photos illustrating her concept of ‘progressive form’
  • And audio clips from this month’s ‘The Strad Recommends’ recordings

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