Our instrumental cover star is the 1733 ‘Salabue, Martzy’ Carlo Bergonzi violin, described by Count Cozio as ‘my largest and most beautiful Bergonzi’

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CARLO BERGONZI ‘SALABUE, MARTZY’ VIOLIN 1733 Count Cozio di Salabue called the instrument ‘my largest and most beautiful Bergonzi’. Jason Price takes a look at the violin and explores its history

EXAMINING THE ‘SALABUE, MARTZY’ Philip Ihle, who put together this month’s poster, points out a few details of the instrument to highlight certain features of Bergonzi’s making style and varnish

DANIEL ROWLAND The Dutch–British violinist tells David Kettle about his multistranded career, from performing as a soloist and quartet player to running his own festival

SAMUEL GRIMSON Despite a horrific injury in World War I, the British violinist became influential through his 1920 book Modern Violin Playing. Clifford Hall tells his story

SESSION REPORT The Takács Quartet’s Edward Dusinberre and Richard O’Neill talk to Charlotte Gardner about the group’s recording of two Schubert string quartets

BASS-BAR ACOUSTICS What difference do the height and scoop of the bass-bar make to a violin’s sound? Joseph Curtin reveals the results of a study at the Oberlin Acoustics Workshop

SERGE KOUSSEVITZKY The influential Russian–American double bassist and conductor was born 150 years ago this month. Leon Bosch presents a retrospective of his life and career

In our regular sections:

IN FOCUS A 1969 viola by Gio Batta Morassi

TRADE SECRETS Bow tip replacement, part one

MY SPACE Italian luthier Daniela Gaidano

MAKING MATTERS A method of preparing and applying the ground coat to a violin

MASTERCLASS Violinist Alena Baeva discusses Schubert’s Fantasy in C major for violin and piano in the first of a two-part article

TECHNIQUE Violist Clifton Harrison on continuity and intention in the bowing arm

LIFE LESSONS The memories and opinions of American violinist Sarah Chang

OPINION The shocking truth about the use of disposable bows in America

POSTCARD FROM WINDSOR The Windsor Festival International String Competition

FROM THE ARCHIVE A round-up of artworks of interest to string players, from July 1894

SENTIMENTAL WORK Vivaldi’s op.8 violin concertos make up Adrian Chandler’s choice


Plus, in your digital edition:

  • Masterclass: read Alena Baeva’s thoughts on playing Schubert’s Fantasy, while listening to clips from her new recording of the piece
  • Extra photos of this month’s cover instrument, the 1733 ‘Salabue, Martzy’ Bergonzi, including angled shots of the front and back
  • Listen to clips from Daniel Rowland’s recording of Richter’s The Four Seasons Recomposed (‘The Strad Recommends’ recording)
  • Extra photos from Patricia Kopatchinskaja’s explosive ‘Everyday Non-sense’ performance at London’s Southbank Centre
  • Postcard from Windsor: more images from the Windsor Festival International String Competition, including the winners being presented to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Session Report: clips from the Takács Quartet’s latest Schubert recording, alongside the thoughts of the players
  • My Space: more photos from the workshop of Italian luthier Daniela Gaidano
  • Books: five examples of the comic panels from ‘The Amazing Violin Comics’, an innovative technique book from Lauri Hämäläinen
  • And clips from ‘The Strad Recommends’ recordings of the month.

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