16 semi-finalists will advance to the next round of the competition with a chance of winning prizes valued at over $350,000


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The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) has announced 16 of the 39 violinists progressing through to the semi-finals taking place on Friday 16 at 1:30pm EDT. 

In alphabetical order the semi-finalists are:  

- Joshua Brown (United States), 22 

- I-hao Cheng (Taiwan), 23 

- Isabelle Durrenberger (United States), 23 

- KayCee Galano (Philippines), 21 

- Sirena Huang (United States), 28 

- Anna Im (South Korea), 24 

- Yiliang Jiang (China), 26  

- Haram Kim (South Korea), 24 

- SooBeen Lee (South Korea), 21 

- Yoojin Lee (South Korea), 23 

- Nathan Meltzer (United States), 22 

- Audrey Park (United States), 19 

- Julian Rhee (United States), 22 

- Claire Wells (United States), 21 

- Victoria Wong (Australia), 24 

- Minami Yoshida (Japan), 24 


The semi-final will last three days from Friday 16 to Monday 19 September with each day split into two sessions. Each of the 16 participants will present a full recital showcasing 19th and 20th century works from the standard violin repertoire. This will also include a world premiere of a commissioned work by American composer John Harbison.  

After the semi-finals, six finalists would be chosen to perform in a four-day final where participants will perform with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  

The IVCI has a prize fund worth over $350,000 including a loan of a violin from the IVCI collection, including the ‘ex-Gingold’ 1683 Stradivari violin for four years. Gold, silver and bronze medallists will receive career management and international concert engagements. The gold medallist will also receive a Carnegie Hall recital debut, a recording contract as well as website development and maintenance until the next competition.  

The semi-finals will be live streamed at www.violin.org/watch-live.