According to the chart, six US concertmasters earn more than half a millon dollars

Concertmaster Clement Scott

This table, compiled from the 2016/17 season by Drew McManus on the Adaptistration website, reveals the top ten US concertmaster earnings, with six concertmasters earning more than half a million dollars. 

  1. New York Philharmonic: $622,421
  2. San Francisco Symphony: $589,272
  3. Cleveland Orchestra: $579,030
  4. Chicago Symphony: $554,756
  5. Los Angeles Philharmonic: $539,739
  6. Boston Symphony: $532,036
  7. Philadelphia Orchestra: $438,253
  8. National Symphony: $401,800
  9. Saint Louis Symphony: $304,818
  10. Cincinnati Symphony: $293,423

According to McManus, the 2016/17 season continued to see positive gain in the average concertmaster’s compensation level. Nonetheless, overall growth over the last decade continues to be far below their music director and executive peers.