The instrument and bow were reported missing from Montgomery St, NY 11213

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A violin and bow has been reported missing since 13 February 2023 in Brooklyn, New York. The details are as follows:

Stolen from Montgomery St Brooklyn, NY 11213.

The violin is labelled ’K.A Gütter’ and is a Stradivari gold period model with French interpretation. Soundboard is made of fine-grained European spruce, back of one-piece European maple, and the fingerboard fine ebony. Hand varnished terpene with golden ground under reddish upper coats.

The bow is stamped Tourte (Germany) (54gm) and likely to be a copy manufactured in a German factory around 1900-1920. The stick is of fine pernambuco, stiff, straight, fine grain. Head; carved following Tourte. fine ebony frog with fine silver metalwork.

Police Crime Reference Number: 2023-071-766