Viva la Visa will provide ISM members with free 30 minute telephone consultations in worldwide visa and work permit procurement


The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has today launched a new service partnering with Viva La Visa to offer ISM members visa and work permit advice.

Viva La Visa are visa specialists in the entertainment industry, and this new service will provide ISM members with free 30 minute telephone consultations with Viva La Visa’s experts in worldwide visa and work permit procurement.

Following the UK/EU trade agreement, musicians are required to comply with the immigration conditions of each EU state in which they wish to perform. The complexities of this process are increased considerably for musicians who are touring in multiple EU member states. At the moment the Government has offered no clarity on work permit regulations for each EU state. In response to this, the ISM has produced its own guidance available at This guidance is available to everyone – not just ISM members.

This announcement comes as the ISM continues to lobby Government to enter into a bilateral agreement with the EU to enable musicians to work in the EU on a short term basis.


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ISM Chief Executive, Deborah Annetts said:

‘We recognise the significant need for clear advice for our members who are working in the EU. International touring represents an essential part of many musicians’ livelihoods, with 44% of musicians earning up to half of their income in the EU before the pandemic. We are very pleased to be partnering with the experts at Viva La Visa, who, as well as working with us to create this much needed advice line, also offer a generous discount to our members on its comprehensive visa and immigration services.’

Viva La Visa Founder & Director, Andy Corrigan said:

‘Viva La Visa is delighted to be working together with ISM to provide advice for its members, helping guide them through the ever-changing world of visa and immigration rules for performing musicians. The music sector has been greatly affected by both the global pandemic and Brexit, and we are proud to offer our expertise to help musicians rebuild their careers on the international stage.’

The ISM is calling on the UK Government to deliver on its commitment to frictionless work travel for musicians by negotiating a reciprocal agreement with the EU, which allows UK performers to undertake up to 90 days paid work in all EU countries, with the same provisions for EU performers working in the UK.  We are also calling for the Government to provide clear guidance on work permits for all creatives who may be contemplating working on a short-term basis in the EU.’