Music Masters has launched a tool to help music organisations dismantle racism, encourage organisational accountability and drive systemic change within the music sector

Music Masters 27 Feb 2019

© Benjamin Ealovega

Music Masters has launched its upgraded diversity audit tool called I’M IN -  the Inclusive Music Index, following a trial form involving 60 organisations in 2020. The tool will help music entities to identify and address underlying issues in order to create an action plan to dismantle systemic racism and inequality within organisations. This comes after many music organisations pledged to improve workplace diversity following Blackout Tuesday over a year ago.

I’M IN – the Inclusive Music Index is a self-analysis evaluation and strategy tool comprising ten organisational areas or ‘dimensions’ to explore, each containing a number of statements designed to provoke thought and group discussion. The tool examines the key areas that are integral to the day-to-day life of an organisation: Motivation, Leadership & Accountability, Operational Responsibility, Organisational Culture, Recruitment, Managing Talent, Audience Diversity, User Experience, Marketing & Branding, and Procurement.

The tool comprises of two routes:

The I’M IN Independent Route is free, removing financial barriers to allow for wider accessibility of the audit tool within the music industry. This route, comprised of the tool and guidance resources, also gives music organisations autonomy in how they convert their discussions into action

The I’M IN Supported Route, which for the cost of £750, provides music organisations able to dedicate budget to the tool with tailored support from an I’M IN Advisor, who will help identify, work through and address any diversity and inclusion challenges that the tool illuminates.

Music Masters’ CEO Roz De Vile said: ’Music Masters is committed to long-term, sustained change to make the music sector a more diverse and inclusive place, not only for now, but for future generations of aspiring young musicians, teachers, sound engineers, artistic directors, producers and so many others who will shape the soundtrack to our lives for years to come. I am therefore thrilled to launch our diversity and inclusion audit tool, I’M IN - the Inclusive Music Index.’

She continues, ’The pandemic has exacerbated inequality of access to music for so many, and the music industry has suffered hugely. But there has never been a better time to build our organisations to be stronger and more inclusive, and so we have decided to offer free access to the I’M IN tool for any organisation working in and with music. Through I’M IN, we aim to build a community of like-minded organisations who will stand together with us to drive positive change.’

Music Masters is a charity that seeks to improve the musical access, experiences and opportunities of young people in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

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