Berlin-based event runs parallel sections for the two instruments, with 17 violinists and 17 violists invited to the live rounds


The previous edition’s competition jury
Photo ©Lukas_Weller

The International Max Rostal Competition, based at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin), has named the 34 musicians invited to its live rounds from 24 to 31 March 2019. 

The competition runs in parallel for violin and viola, with each instrument section awarding €7,000 for first prize, €3,000 for second, €1,500 for third, with a number of special prizes too.

The competitors are:


  • Arita, Tomohiro
  • Errera, Karolina
  • Guo, Yitong
  • Hong, Jinhwa
  • Hwang, Taeksun
  • Kim, Gueli
  • Kim, MinGwan
  • Kim, SengYun
  • Lee, Sung Jin
  • Lee, Sangyoon
  • Moon, Seohyun
  • Reifland, Tobias
  • Rieke , Jannis
  • Rogers-Beadle, Christopher
  • Slenczka, Friedemann
  • Soulez, Larivière Sào
  • Swensen, Nicholas Algot


  • Cho, Daniel
  • Chung, Wonbeen
  • Farulli, Stefano
  • Fu, Leonard
  • Ikemura, Rika
  • Kim, Alexander Won-Ho
  • Kim, Hye Jin
  • Konishi, Momoko
  • Kwon, Grim
  • Lee, Wooil
  • Lee, Kyung Eun Grace
  • Park, Kyumin
  • Park, Jinsu
  • Pichlmair, Johanna
  • Roh, Yejin
  • Song, Hani
  • Yoo, Hwapyung

The artistic directors are Nora Chastain and Hartmut Rohde. The jury comprises Tomoko Akasaka, Nora Chastain, Gérard Caussé, Roberto Diaz, David Geringas, Philippe Graffin, Gerhard Schulz and Hagai Shaham