The foundation’s Ambassador Programme offers young students experience in the field of music education


Photo: Chris J Parker

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The Benedetti Foundation, run and founded by Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, has announced that 87 young musicians have been offered the role of ambassadors in 2023 as part of the foundation’s Ambassador Programme. Created in 2019, the programme is an annual music education training scheme for students over the age of 18. It is open to instrumentalists, singers and any other students involved in the arts. Alongside the 87 new ambassadors, nine lead ambassadors and six senior ambassadors were also announced. 

The ambassador positions are divided into instrumental ambassadors, who focus on performance and teaching skills, and creative learning ambassadors, who are involved in school and community work. The ambassadors will take part in a range of activities during their time, including playing alongside Benedetti and musicians from the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective, presenting music education workshops and attending industry lectures. The programme aims to give ambassadors contacts in the music education industry and help them gain knowledge from leading educators in the field. 

An ambassador since 2021, violinist Mitzi Gardner, told The Strad, In each meeting I was so inspired by the incredible musicians we were able to have the chance to listen to. It was amazing to hear how they are ensuring that the world of music education is growing and how we can contribute to that.’  Another ambassador, double bassist Phoebe Clarke, also said,  The confidence the programme has given me when going into situations such as teaching interviews, group lesson situations and unplanned lessons is far from where I was before the programme.’

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