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  • Gabrielli crop

    In focus: c.1767 violin by G.B. Gabrielli


    Kai Dase takes a close look at a violin by one of the finest and most influential Florentine makers of the 18th century

  • Rugeri crop

    In focus: 1675 violin by Francesco Rugeri


    In this article from the December 2014 issue, Fausto Cacciatori takes a close look at a fine example of a rather enigmatic maker with links to Nicolò Amati

  • MysteryMarch7

    From the archive: a cello by G.B. Gabrielli, Florence, 1756


    This illustration of a 1756 G.B. Gabrielli cello was published in The Strad, September 1953. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs: Giovanni Baptista Gabrielli was one of the best of a numerous band of eighteenth century Florentine makers, which included Pietro Anselmo and Gasparo ...