The candidates will take part in four live rounds from 10-17 September 2017 at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, performing some of Bartók's principal works

Bartók World Competition

The inaugural Bartók World Competition and Festival has named the 65 violinists selected to take part in its live rounds from 10-17 September 2017 at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Open to international violinists aged under 30, the contest features four live rounds during which candidates will be required to perform some of Bartók's principal works. The prize fund totals 40,000, with a first prize of €22,000.

The 65 selected violinists are from 23 countries - headed by Japan, Hungary, the US, South Korea and China - and include 45 women and 20 men. They are:

Satoka Abo (Japan)

Heejeon Ahn (South Korea)

Nikita Akulov (Russia)

Takamori Arai (Japan)

Elvina Sung-Eun Auh (South Korea)

Joshua Brown (US)

Hannah Cho (US)

Maria Diatchenko (Italy)

Arianna Dotto (Italy)

Luosha Fang (China)

Maria Florea (Spain)

Akiyo Fujiwara (Japan)

Ioana Cristina Goicea (Romania)

Shucong He (China)

Ho Khanh Van Hoang (Vietnam)

Gabor Homoki (Hungary)

Mayuko Ishigami (Japan)

Anne-Marie Johnson (Australia)

Usha Kapor (US)

Tair Khisambeev (Russia)

Jiyoung Kim (South Korea)

Yoerae Kim (South Korea)

Chisa Kitagawa (Japan)

Alina Kobialka (US)

Nicolette Kocsardy (Hungary)

Marta Kowalczyk (Poland)

Bálint Kruppa (Hungary)

Ágnes Langer (Hungary)

Ju-Ni Lee (Switzerland)

Shannon Lee (US)

Young June Lee (South Korea)

Younghyun Lee (South Korea)

Francisco Lima Santos (Portugal)

Haoli Lin (China)

Alexandra Lomeiko (New Zealand)

Irène Martin (France)

Elias David Moncado (Germany)

Shoko Murakami (Japan)

Yayoi Nakajima (Japan)

László Nyári (Hungary)

Megumi Okaya (Japan)

Risako Oshima (Japan)

Eszter Osztrosits (Hungary)

Éva Osztrosits (Hungary)

Andrey Pashkevich (Russia)

Alfredo Reyes Logounova (Mexico)

Reika Sakamoto (Japan)

Arsenis Selalmazidis (Greece)

Shin Sihan (Holland)

Maria Slawek (Poland)

Dmitry Smirnov (Russia)

Cosima Soulez Lariviere (France)

Una Stanic (Croatia)

Louisa Staples (UK)

Naoko Tajima (Japan)

Ririko Takagi (Japan)

Anna Tanaka (Japan)

Mai Tategami (Japan)

Stephen Tavani`(US)

James Thompson (US)

Oszkár Varga (Hungary)

Eimi Wakui (Japan)

Minjia Xu (China)

Andi Zhang (China)

Galiya Zharova (Kazakhstan)

Sitting on the jury are  Salvatore Accardo, TiborTallián, Barnabás Kelemen, Qian Zhou, Takashi Shimizu, Joel Smirnoff, Vilmos Szabadi, Krzysztof Wegrzyn and Ivan Zenaty.

The Liszt Academy launched the Bartók World Competition and Festival in December 2016 to mark the conclusion of the composer's 135th anniversary year. The contest is to be held in a five year cycle: piano, violin and chamber music events will be held every two years, with composing competitions taking place every other year.

For full details visit the Competition website.