This illustration of a violin by Francesco de Emiliani was published in The Strad, November 1969. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

The subject of this month’s illustration is a very handsome and finely preserved example of the work of Francesco de Emiliani who worked in Rome during the early years of the 18th century. Little is known regarding him other than he made his violins on two models: Stainer and that of David Tecchler, as is the case with the violin pictured here. His work is beautifully finished, and the choice of wood excellent. Indeed this maker's work can stand comparison with all but the greatest of the Italian masters, and there is no doubt that the scarcity of instruments that are attributed to Emiliani can be explained by the fact that many are now passed off as the work of better known makers.

The present violin bears a label printed:

Franciscus de Emilianis fecit Rome Anno Dni 172-

It is not possible to say for certain what the final figure on the label is, but it is most likely a '3'.

The two-piece back is of wood marked by a curl of medium width slanting upwards from the joint, that of the sides and head being similar. The table is of pine of medium width grain.

Emiliani was the possessor of an excellent varnish, the colour of which ranged from a beautiful golden yellow to a golden brown, as in the case of the present violin.

The principal measurements are as follows: -

Length of Body 14 inches full; Upper Bouts 6 ½ inches; Middle Bouts 4 ½ inches; Lower Bouts 8 inches.