This illustration of the a violin by Carlo Bergonzi was published in The Strad, November 1983. The following text is extracted from the article accompanying the photographs:

The violin illustrated on our front cover was made by Carlo Bergonzi in Cremona in about 1730. It is a fine and interesting example of the maker’s work in an astounding state of preservation. Bergonzi has an unusually keen eye enabling him to combine certain characteristics of Guarneri family modelling, as well as concepts of Antonio Stradivari. The upper portion of the instrument is narrower than some of the very broad patterns used by him. All of the varnish is original and bright plum red. The photograph was taken in direct sunlight to show the beautiful varnish in its most natural state.

A former friend and worthy pupil of Joseph Joachim owned it at the beginning of the century but, although Joachim made several suggestions that he might like to own the instrument himself, the student did not part with it.