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    Jacob Stainer: reviewing the situation


    It has long been assumed that Jacob Stainer received some training in Cremona – but the theory rests on slim evidence. Rudolf Hopfner explores a middle-period violin using micro-CT technology to cast doubt on what we think we knowWolfgang Schneiderhan

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    Varnish analysis: shining examples


    Identifying the varnish recipes of the early makers has been a long-held dream among researchers. Now, a team at the Arvedi Laboratory of Non-Invasive Diagnostics, headed by Marco Malagodi, has used a new form of micro-CT scanning to delve further into an instrument’s coatings than ever before

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    Did the Cremonese have access to wood with unique special qualities?


    Were the old Cremonese luthiers really using better woods than those available to other makers in Europe? In this article from 2013, Terry Borman and Berend Stoel presented a study of density that suggested otherwise

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    Why is the thickness of the front and back of Stradivari's instruments so unpredictable?


    Although there is no record of how the Cremonese makers finished their instruments, Dirk Jacob Hamoen argues that the final scraping was done after they had been strung up and played in the white

  • 10 linings

    CT scanning for luthiers: an essential guide


    Increasingly, researchers are using technical CT scanners to examine instruments for construction secrets to woodworm and previous repairs. Rudolf Hopfner presents a guide to the technology and the microscopic details it can reveal

  • ScanningAmati

    Medical scans reveal secrets of world's oldest cello


    Researchers at the National Music Museum in South Dakota, US, have used hospital scanning equipment to gather information on the construction of what is thought to be the oldest surviving cello, the 'King', made by the 16th-century Cremonese luthier Andrea Amati (c.1505–1577).Matthew Zeller, a graduate research assistant at the museum ...

  • Titanic_ViolinScanning

    Hospital CT scan reveals more on so-called 'Titanic violin'


    A violin thought to have been played during the sinking of the RMS Titanic has undergone a hospital CT scan to determine its age and condition. The research, commissioned by auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son, showed that the instrument had been damaged and restored. Radiographer Astrid ...