The young violists from 20 different countries will compete at the new Birmingham Conservatoire from 18 to 24 November

cecil aronowitz

The second Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition has named the 30 semi-finalists who will compete in its live rounds at the newly opened Birmingham Conservatoire from 18 to 24 November.

Hosted in conjunction with the British Viola Society and Birmingham Music Service , the contest is open to violists under the age of 21. The 2017 edition features performers from 20 countries, including Austria, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

The 30 semi-finalists are:

Yue Yu, UK (19)

Kyuwon Yoo, USA (20)

Gerald Karni, Switzerland (20)

Anna Krzyzak, Poland (20)

Alvaro Garcia, Spain (18)

Lisa Sung , USA (21)

Shuhan Wang, China (17)

Guohan Tang, China (16)

Otoha Tabata, Japan (17)

Anuschka Cidlinsky, Austria (20)

Yizilin Liang, China (16)

Julie Park, New Zealand (21)

Tabby Rhee, USA (19)

SÁ o Soulez Larivière, UK (18)

Takehiro Konoe, Netherlands (19)

Josè Filipe Moura Nunes, Netherlands (21)

Albert Coronado Daza, Spain (21)

Cristina Cordero Beltran, Spain (19)

Bella Chich, Russia (20)

Daniele Valabrega, Switzerland (21)

Miguel Sobral Gon alves Sobrinho, UK (18)

Serena Hsu, USA (19)

Emma Wernig, USA (18)

Lara Albesano, Italy (21)

Chris Rogers-Beadle, USA (20)

Alinka Rowe, UK (18)

Barbora Butvydaite, Lithuania (20)

Sofia Silva Sousa, UK (20)

Silas Zschocke, Germany (20)

Hayang Park, South Korea (18)

The winning contestant will receive the Cecil Aronowitz Prize of £5,000, a recording contract with Champs Hill Records and recital opportunities.

The 2017 jury features Nicola Aronowitz, Ettore Causa, Florian Leonhard, Bruno Giuranna, Robin Ireland and Thomas Riebl.

The inaugural Cecil Aronowitz International Viola Competition was won by Timothy Ridout (pictured) in 2014.