Alistair Rutherford broke the Guinness World Record for running the fastest half marathon in an instrument costume in Liverpool on Sunday

Birmingham conservatoire

A viola student from Birmingham Conservatoire, UK has broken the Guinness World Record for running the fastest half marathon dressed as a musical instrument.

Alistair Rutherford smashed the previous record by seven minutes and 25 seconds to run the Liverpool Half Marathon in just one hour, 19 minutes and 32 seconds yesterday  - all the time wearing a custom-made viola costume by designer Brian D Hanlon comprised of lightweight Plastazote foam.

The student has raised funds through his world record attempt for ARCO – a collaboration between Birmingham’s String Department and the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music in Soweto, South Africa. The project has seen 24 South African strings students participate in weekly instrumental Skype lessons, given by academics, current students and alumni of Birmingham Conservatoire. Rutherford has previously run the distance of the South African coastline to raise funds for the project.

The previous Guinness World record was set by Rakshith Shetty, who ran the SBI Bengaluru Midnight Marathon in India while dressed as a guitar on 5 December 2015.