In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on Italian lutherie, a group of violin makers in Cremona have put together a video showcasing their working methods. The aim is to demonstrate the vibrancy and industriousness of today’s luthiers, as Antonio Stradivari wanders the streets of modern-day Cremona, viewing the work of Pino Arrè, Elena Bardella, Luca Bastiani, Gaspar Borchardt, Roberto Cavagnoli, Marcelo Cavanna, Shotaro Nishimura, Barbara Piccinotti, Primo Pistoni and Davide Sora.

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The film was made by Mauro Maffi for the Cremona-based group Contemporary Violins & Bows. ’Aware that nothing can replace the “live” performance of a violin, we have opted for a presentation that goes beyond the photo gallery or the simple information sheet of the luthier,’ the group said in a statement, ’and focuses on images and sounds, without the participation of the “word” where it is not strictly necessary.’

Antonio Stradivari