From South African/Egyptian director Claude Morcos, ’Awning is an introspective meditation on our nomadic sense of homelessness in the world. California’s pristine nature serves as the film’s backdrop, unravelling both lamentation and awe.’

The film features Megan Shung, a violinist who explores non-traditional performance practices and styles including jazz, pop/rock, experimental music. She has performed and recorded with artists including Anthony Kiedis, Michael Bublé, Jhene Aiko, Kimbra, George Watsky, Billy Childs, and Louis Cole.

She performs a composition by John W. Snyder, a composer based in Los Angeles, accompanied by the Sofia Session Orchestra.

Morcos, Shung and Snyder did not know each other before their collaboration ’Individually we felt frustrated with the hopelessness of the lockdowns and the lack of creative growth in our careers. We found one another on Facebook and made our plans. The most remarkable feature about making this film is that our shoot took place after meeting only once in person.

’Each of us was inspired in their own way but we agreed on a meaningful theme that reflected our times and then John got to work. Hania Rani’s F Major by Neels Castillon informed some of the visual style while The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams informed some of the music direction.’