Shooting is set to start on one of two rival Vivaldi biopics. Director Boris Damast will begin filming Vivaldi this September in Venice, Hungary, Germany and Bruges. Young actors Max Irons and Claire Foy have been cast in the film, and Jacqueline Bisset, Alfred Molina, Tom Wilkinson and Sebastian Koch are reported to be in talks to join the project.

Ben Kingsley, Jessica Biel and violinist David Garrett have been named as possible stars of a second Vivaldi movie, set to be directed by Patricia Riggen. Her biopic focuses on Vivaldi's struggle to preserve his priestly vows in the face of love, while Damast's film looks at the composer's work with the orphans of the Ospedalle della Pietà. Riggen's Vivaldi does not yet have a date for the start of shooting.