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  • Stephen Upshaw

    Stephen Upshaw plays contemporary British viola music by recent graduates


    Originally due to be performed at The Hundred Years Gallery, this programme, featuring the American violist Stephen Upshaw, comprises a selection of contemporary solo British viola music. It includes Georgina Bowden’s Yaban Arilar (Wild Bees) and Heather Stephenson’s Passacaglia – two new commissions specifically written for ‘Into the Ocean’, an ...

  • Dsc 9866 9340

    How to make the most of cello scales


    Approach scales with commitment, imagination and daring, and they will inspire your cello playing, argues Mats Lidström

  • Sheku Kanneh-Mason's parents

    Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s parents on raising confident black classical musicans


    To tie in with the broadcast of BBC One’s Imagine…This House is Full of Music, Kadiatu and Stuart Kanneh-Mason, the parents of seven classical musicians (Isata, Braimah, Sheku, Konya, Jeneba, Aminata and Mariatu) talk about life under lockdown, the importance of black role models, the Black Lives Matter movement and ...

  • VadimRepin

    Vadim Repin performs Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto no.2


    The Russian violinist chooses the concerto for his Sentimental Work in the August issue

  • TwoSetViolin

    ‘One thing I’m grateful for is the amount of practice I did growing up’ – TwoSet Violin


    Violinists and YouTube comedy stars Brett Yang and Eddy Chen of TwoSet Violin speak to Kimon Daltas about competition in classical music and the importance of practice

  • Manga

    Violinist with cerebral palsy becomes manga star


    Mizuki Shikimachi’s life story has been turned into a comic book for Japanese readers

  • TwoSetFilmMusic

    TwoSet Violin: Film music that has been inspired by classical music


    The Strad’s August 2020 issue cover stars, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen of TwoSet Violin, examine the similarities between famous film music scores and the classical music that has ‘inspired’ them. Read: ‘The one thing we’re grateful for is the amount of practice we did growing up’ – ...

  • Clayton Haslop interview

    Interview with two-fingered violinist Clayton Haslop


    This is an interview with the violinist Clayton Haslop about his struggles with Focal Dystonia, which lost him the use of two fingers on his left hand. A student of violinist Nathan Milstein, Haslop was concertmaster in the recording studios of Los Angeles for composers including James Horner and ...

  • Learningvibrato

    Nine steps to mastering violin vibrato


    Dr Rebecca McLeod, associate professor of music education at the University of North Carolina, gives a guide to achieving a good vibrato - from establishing a relaxed position to mastering a smooth, even motion

  • Ida Haendel

    Ida Haendel plays informally in 2009


    In this video, the violinist, who died two weeks ago, plays informally at a 2009 social gathering, traversing much of the violin repertoire, including several violin concertos. Although the description states that she was 80 years old at the time, there is some uncertainty as to her year of birth, ...

  • TaiMurrayPic
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    Masterclass: Tai Murray on Beethoven’s ‘Triple’ Concerto Part 2


    Violinist Tai Murray discusses balance and colour in the first movement of the op.56 work for violin, cello, piano and orchestra, in the second of two articles

  • ArchiveAug
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    From the Archive: August 1910


    Author William C. Honeyman responds to an article suggesting that priceless instruments should be kept in museums rather than in players’ hands

  • 3. Informal-HD for print
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    Digital Double Act: TwoSet Violin


    Over the past eight years, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen of TwoSet Violin have become an increasingly popular source of humour and inspiration for string players worldwide through their hugely successful YouTube channel. A more recent foray into staging live shows was a shot in the dark. Kimon Daltas ...

  • HENRY 060420 1911
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    In search of perfection: finding the right bow


    Violinist and Metropolitan Opera concertmaster Benjamin Bowman has spent his entire playing career in search of ever more subtle and responsive bows. Here, he charts his journey to finding his ‘forever bow’, and advises string players on how they, too, can invest in this most important of assets

  • Misha_3000
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    Session Report: Family connections


    For her latest recording, violinist Viktoria Mullova has collaborated with her son, jazz bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado in an eclectic array of duets. Harry White  speaks to the pair about the project’s origins and about working with family

  • T9891_Demetrios C. Dounis, Greek violinist & teacher
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    D. C. Dounis: Training the brain


    For Demetrius Constantine Dounis, the secret of good technique came from developing the brain and memory, as well as the arms and fingers. James Dickenson examines what made his ideas so special, and why he became one of the 20th century’s most influential teachers

  • Orchestra of the Swan

    Orchestra of the Swan plays David Bruce’s Swanning Around


    This is the world premiere performance of ‘Swanning Around’ by David Bruce, performed and recorded at home by Orchestra of the Swan during the Covid-19 Lockdown 2020. It was commissioned by Orchestra of the Swan with funds provided by Arts Council England. As the orchestra is freelance and has lost ...

  • TogetherChaconne

    Youth Music Culture Guangdong presents Together Chaconne


    Together Chaconne began as a project to connect Youth Music Culture Guangdong faculty and alumni worldwide during the quarantine. This arrangement uses the bassline from Bach’s Chaconne for solo violin in D minor, over which many different YMCG musicians improvise, contributing their own sounds and styles. Evelyn Brandes (USA) composed ...

  • Damaris Silva

    Chilean nurse plays violin to coronavirus patients


    Damaris Silva, a 26-year-old Chilean nurse on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, has gained attention for playing the violin to sick patients and tired staff after her shift has ended. Twice a week at 6pm, Silva returns to the ward where some COVID-19 patients have spent weeks ...

  • MiruHirokawa

    8-year-old Miu Hirokawa performs Mozart for Leonid Kogan International Competition


    The young Japanese violinist shares first prize in her age category for this YouTube submission