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    Photographing a Stradivarius


    In this video from 2013, still life photographer Søren Jonesen photographs the 1714 ‘Yoldi-Moldenhauer’ Stradivari. The photoshoot was organised by Danish high-end digital photography company Phase One working with Andy Lim of Darling Publications, which printed a monograph featuring the photos and history of the instrument. The concept was to ...

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    Making Matters: a luthier's photographic studio


    Now that having high-quality images of instruments is essential for many luthiers, a practical solution is to create your own photographic studio. In this extract from the October issue of The Strad, Ian McWilliams describes how he went about creating light boxes for lighting isntruments

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    Photographing a 299-year-old Stradivarius violin


    After each shot I turn the violin 30 degrees and take another picture. I have to turn the violin to shoot it in 12 different angles. It's all about precision'What does it take to photograph the qualities of a Stradivari violin? Photographer Søren Jonesen takes us through the ...