Leonidas Kavakos will have to continue his wait to premiere Osvaldo Golijov's Violin Concerto, after the composer said the work would not be ready in time for performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra in January. Kavakos will instead perform Szymanowski's Violin Concerto no.2 at concerts in Philadelphia and New York.

Golijov's concerto, a co-commission from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic and London's Barbican Centre, was meant to have had its world premiere in Los Angeles in May 2011. Subsequent premiere dates in Berlin and London also had to be cancelled.

Golijov issued a statement this week in which he said: 'Some works have a pleasant birth, while others a difficult one. The violin concerto belongs to the second type, and I can only hope that when it is ready to see the world, it will be worthy of the artistry of Leonidas Kavakos, as well as that of the other artists and presenters who entrusted me with its creation.'c