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  • Benedict_Sydney1

    Sydney Symphony viola masterclass † Brahms Symphony no.4


    We are looking for strengths in three key areas † intonation, sound production and the use of appropriate bowing strokes. But on a deeper level we are looking at your understanding of the music's sound world' Roger Benedict, principal viola of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, gives an orchestral ...

  • SSO_Cello1

    Sydney Symphony cello masterclass † Beethoven Symphony no.5


    Imagine instead of playing a closed vowel - like 'ee' - playing an open vowel like 'ah'. We don't want to have the feeling in an orchestra that someone is playing an electric guitar' Umberto Clerici, principal cello of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, gives an orchestral audition masterclass ...

  • SSO_DB

    Sydney Symphony double bass masterclass † Beethoven Symphony no.9


    In an audition situation, we're usually a little bit nervous, so we lose some of the energy in our playing. We therefore really have to think technically about how we can maximise our dynamic range' Kees Boersma, principal double bass of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, gives an orchestral ...

  • SSO_Masterclass1

    Sydney Symphony masterclass † Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances


    I would like to look at the impact that vibrato, which is the domain of our left hand, has on our right hand, and how the two are connected via our brain.' Sydney Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Andrew Haveron gives a masterclass on an audition excerpt from the first ...