Bogdan Mikhalaki died in hospital on 6 May after fighting at the front


Photo: Obozrevatel

Bogdan Mikhalaki

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A 23-year-old street violinist has died after being seriously injured in fighting outside the city of Bakhmut. Bogdan Mikhalaki, from Izmail in the Odesa region of Ukraine, had originally volunteered to make trench candles for Ukrainian soldiers before joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) as a volunteer to fight on the front line.  

According to the Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel, Mikhalaki was taken to hospital following his injuries in April and had been unconscious for some time. He died on 6 May.  

The Bessarabian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, where Mikhalaki worked as a sports instructor released this statement: ‘Friends, very sad news came to us from the front… Today it became known that Bogdan’s heart stopped beating. He was a very bright, kind and honest man, whom many in Izmail knew as a talented violinist. Sending condolences to family and friends! Let’s honour the memory of the hero. Unfortunately, the ruthless war takes the best!’ 

So far, the battle for Bakhmut has seen countless casualties from both sides. Western officials estimate between 20,000 and 30,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded there. According to the Ukrainian military talking to the BBC, Bakhmut is now the scene of several ‘unprecedentedly bloody’ battles with the AFU repelling up to 50 attacks every day.  

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