41 candidates take part in the opening round of this year’s competition

Valentin Chiapello

Valentin Chiapello

This year’s Rubinstein International Viola Competition, which will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 4th-5th May 2019, has announced its 41 opening round candidates.

They are:

  • Yerim An (South Korea)
  • Momoko Aritomi (Japan)
  • Sharon Avella Herrera (Colombia)
  • Mieszko Baszczak (Poland)
  • Vittorio Benaglia (Italy)
  • Giulia Bombonati (Italy)
  • Valentin Chiapello (France)
  • Nadezhda Chumovitckaia (Russia)
  • Jakob Dingstad (Norway)
  • Stephanie Drach (Austria)
  • Kazuki Hashimoto (Japan)
  • Jannis Hoesch (Germany)
  • Younho Hong (South Korea)
  • Brian Isaacs (United States)
  • Alexandra Ivanova (Russia)
  • Gijoon Jo (South Korea)
  • Annariina Jokela (Finland)
  • Koji Kanada (Japan)
  • Dongyeob Kang (South Korea)
  • Wontae Kim (South Korea)
  • Eunbit Ko (South Korea)
  • Isabel Kreuzpointner (Germany)
  • Mengzhen Li (China)
  • Shuchen Liu (China)
  • Ganna Lysenko (Ukraine)
  • Johanna Maurer (Germany)
  • Lazar Miletic (Serbia)
  • Deokjin Oh (South Korea)
  • Simona Ruisi (Italy)
  • Fridolin Schöbi (Austria)
  • Mk Sung (South Korea)
  • Erin Louise Torres (South Africa)
  • Taihei Wada (Japan)
  • Yanan Wang (China)
  • Yifei Wang (China)
  • Wenbo Xin (China)
  • Daichi Yoshimura (Japan)
  • Mingyue Yu (China)
  • Dan Zhang (China)
  • Yishi Zhao (China)
  • Ekin Özcan (Turkey)

Open to international violists of all ages and nationalities, the annual competition takes place in the Concert Hall of the International Anton Rubinstein Music Academy in Dusseldorf.

A maximum of twenty candidates will proceed to the final round in which they will present a programme of their choice lasting up to 30 minutes, with three prize winners receiving a one year loan of a fine bow. 

The 2019 jury will comprise: Alexander Akimov, Yury Bondarev and Friedemann Hecker.