18 violinists have been selected to progress following the first round held 18 to 21 May

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The second round of the 12th International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition kicks off this week, with performances held from Monday 23 May until Wednesday 25 May.

Competitors will play solo repertoire as well as works with a pianist. Each competitor’s programme will contain repertoire of free choice as well as mandatory works, including a composition by Magnus Lindberg, commissioned for the competition. Finalists will be announced 25 May, together with the awarding of the Sibelius family stipend.

The finals will be held from 27-29 May, where chosen competitors must perform the Sibelius Concerto, as well as a concerto of their choice. They will be accompanied by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Anna-Maria Helsing, and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Dima Slobodeniouk. The first prize winner will be awarded €30,000.

Taking place in the Concert Hall, R-building of the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, the running order of the second-round contestants is as follows:

1st concert
Mon 23 May, 10:00–14:20
10:00–11:10 Dmytro Udovuchenko (UA)
11:30–12:40 Kasmir Uusitupa (FI)
Intermission approx. 12:40–13:10
13:10–14:20 Qingzhu Weng (CN)

2nd concert
Mon 23 May, 17:00–21:10
17:00–18:10 Inmo Yang (KR)
18:20–19:30 Minami Yoshida (JP)
Intermission approx. 19:30–20:00
20:00–21:10 Diana Adamyan (AM)

3rd concert
Tue 24 May, 10:00–14:20
10:00–11:10 Karisa Chiu (US)
11:30–12:40 SongHa Choi (KR)
Intermission approx. 12:40–13:10
13:10–14:20 Hawijch Elders (NL)

4th concert
Tue 24 May, 17:00–21:10
17:00–18:10 Anna Im (KR)
18:20–19:30 Amia Janicki (CH/AT)
Intermission approx. 19:30–20:00
20:00–21:10 Daniel Kogan (CA)

5th concert
Wed 25 May, 10:00–14:20
10:00–11:10 Yesong Sophie Lee (US)
11:30–12:40 Nathan Meltzer (US)
Intermission approx 12:40–13:10
13:10–14:20 Fumika Mohri (JP)

6th concert
Wed 25 May, 17:00–21:10
17:00–18:10 Georgii Moroz (UA)
18:20–19:30 Aoi Saito (JP)
Intermission approx. 19:30–20:00
20:00–21:10 Felicitas Schiffner (GE)