Curated by James Ehnes, Seattle Chamber Music Society’s (SCMS) Virtual Concert Hall will feature livestreamed and on-demand performances beginning on 26 January


Photo: Jenna Poppe

James Ehnes, Amy Schwartz Moretti, Che-Yen Chen and Edward Arron

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Seattle Chamber Music Society (SCMS) was forced to pivot into the online concert model utilised by organisations around the globe. What began as pre-recorded concerts in SCMS’ Center for Chamber Music evolved into what the organisation rebranded as the Virtual Concert Hall. This new branding reimagined what the Virtual Concert Hall could be, as it was imperative to match the level of the world-class artists that perform on the SCMS stage. But most of all, it needed to be engaging. It needed to create the palpable energy that one feels when listening to some of the most beautiful music ever created. So that’s just what SCMS did. 

Following the Virtual Concert Hall’s debut in January 2022, it’s entered the same playing field as the world-class musicians shown when the cameras turn on. Every concert features six HD camera angles that boast crystal clear, up-close shots that one can only see when viewing online. It has introduced live intermission interviews featuring the performing artists and hosts from Seattle’s leading classical music station, CLASSICAL KING FM. There is exclusive commentary from the musicians speaking about the deep connections they have to the music and behind-the-scenes content that illustrates the human element of artists typically absent from the in-person, live experience. It’s become more than a concert. It’s become an immersive musical listening experience that embodies the art of chamber music. 

Ravel Trio

Photo: Jenna Poppe

Violinist James Ehnes, cellist Alisa Weilerstein and pianist Steven Osborne perform the Ravel Trio

Looking ahead to the 2024 Winter Festival beginning on 26 January 2024 – the cameras and microphones are set up, the chairs and stands are placed on stage, the audience – in the hall and at home in front of their screens – wait in anticipation for the artists to take the stage. Artists who’ll perform alongside 2022 Gramophone Artist of the Year and SCMS Artistic Director James Ehnes, have solo careers with every major orchestra in the world - all sharing the stage together for six concerts over a two-week period. 

Performances will include Brahms’ monumental B-flat Sextet, Elgar’s titanic Piano Quintet, Mendelssohn’s thrilling D minor Piano Trio, and each concert will feature the greatest British composers of the first half of the 20th century. Even more, all concerts will be available livestreamed, then on-demand until 15 March 2024. It’s a chamber music lover’s dream, and it’s an opportunity that’s at your fingertips.  

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the pinnacle of what chamber music can be and join listeners in 40 states and 12 countries, visit to purchase your Virtual Concert Hall subscription and use code STRAD10 to receive 10% OFF your order. 

Join the artists who have become names that will be spoken for generations to come, hear the music that has withstood the test of time, and rewind and re-watch your favorite performances as many times as your heart desires. We’ll see you on the Virtual Concert Hall.

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