Shaun Buswell must perform with 100 local musicians he has met personally – and cannot offer payment


Shaun Buswell – who in 2013 successfully staged a concert featuring a symphony orchestra of musicians he had met by chance on the London Underground – is launching a new challenge.

This time the intrepid musician is attempting to create pop-up orchestras around the UK, with the aim of playing with 100 different musicians in 10 days.

The requirements are to:

- Perform in 10 different towns around the UK

- Form a different pop-up orchestra each night from local musicians

- Play music each night that is chosen at random by the audience

To add to the difficulty of his task, Buswell may not personally discuss payment with any musician he meets, nor can he hire them through advertisements. Instead he must find each musician personally, or they must contact him direct. In addition, each musician must live within a 50-mile radius of the venue.

Supported by Arts Council England through a Grants For The Arts Award, the ‘10 Day Orchestra Challenge’ tour takes place from 5-14 November 2015 at various venues across England and Wales.  For more information visit