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Stradivari's forests: ongoing effort to salvage tonewood trees felled by storms


A factory in the Fiemme valley is asking luthiers and the public to buy IOUs so it can quadruple its processing capacity before the wood deteriorates


Making fine violins out of fungus-treated wood


In this video we hear from the researcher Francis Schwarze, who, together with a Swiss violin maker has treated wood used for instrument making with Physisporinus vitreus, a white-rot fungus that attacks and destroys certain structures in spruce, in order to build violins that sound as fine as antique masterpieces.

old violin

Is it a real Stradivarius? How to check the authenticity and value of a violin


A reader has inherited an old Italian violin, in this case a Landolfi. In fact, finding a violin in a grandparent’s attic is some people’s first introduction to the stringed-instrument world. What’s the next step regarding authentication?


In the workshop with luthier Noémie Viaud


Violin maker Noémie Viaud in her workshop in Denmark, filmed by Nikolaj Lund. Viaud is featured in the Strad’s February 2019 ‘My Space’ column, discussing her workshop and career to date:


Jacob Stainer: Micro-CT analysis of top-block and pins


In the April 2019 issue of The Strad, Rudolf Hopfner explains how the neck root and top-block of a Jacob Stainer violin made after 1650 gives insights into his working methods – and solves a mystery about the maker’s training in the process.

Bill Watson 01 (Milnes)

William Watson, bow maker: 1930-2018


The Hill’s trained bow maker made a vital contribution to the trade during a long career, writes John Milnes

Rugeri crop

In focus: 1675 violin by Francesco Rugeri


In this article from the December 2014 issue, Fausto Cacciatori takes a close look at a fine example of a rather enigmatic maker with links to Nicolò Amati

Van der Sijde_arching

In focus: c.1690 violin by Willem van der Sijde


Hubert De Launay takes a close look at a violin with full arching, unusually placed f-holes and a slender swan necked scroll

Sachs crop

In focus: the 'Sachs' Stradivari of c.1666


John Dilworth takes a close look at one of the very earliest violins attributable to Stradivari

by John Holder

The thief, his wife and the 'Huberman' Strad


The ‘Gibson, Huberman’ Stradivari now owned by Joshua Bell has a history worthy of a blockbuster thriller. Stolen twice in the 20th century, the second time it remained undiscovered for nearly 50 years despite being played in public regularly by its thief. In this article from January 1998, Carla Shapreau ...

Brodsky Guad crop

In focus: 1751 violin by G.B. Guadagnini


One of two by the maker owned by Adolph Brodsky, it has a good claim to being the one on which he premiered the Tchaikovsky concerto, writes Stewart Pollens


Why musicians should appeal against the ivory act


Benjamin Hebbert on the ethical tightrope of campaigning for exemptions to the Ivory Act while supporting its aim to put a stop to the slaughter of elephants