• Ciresa Fiemme 1

    Saving Stradivari's forests: effort to harvest precious tonewoods felled in storms

    A factory in the Fiemme valley has launched a crowdfunding effort to enable it to quadruple its processing capacity before the wood deteriorates

  • Schilbach Superior Blanc Violin

    Master stroke: Schilbach varnishing brush

    The tapered and split synthetic fibres of this brush are designed to absorb a large volume of oil or spirit varnish, to enable its controlled and uniform application.

  • fittings set

    All kitted out: violin accessory set

    Manufactured in India to Italian designs, these accessory sets comprise four heart-shaped pegs, a decorative end-button, a Guarneri-style chinrest with Hill-style clamps and a Hill-style tailpiece. They are available in ebony and rosewood with a black trim to the tailpiece and black pin collars and pegs, and in boxwood trimmed ...

  • Rocca 1850 crop

    In focus: 1850 violin by Giuseppe Rocca

    John Dilworth examines a violin from the height of Rocca’s powers, after he left the Pressenda workshop to strike out on his own. From the January 2011 issue of The Strad

  • Gabrielli crop

    In focus: 1764 violin by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli

    In this article from the February 2009 issue, Gabriele Rossi Rognoni examines an instrument by probably the most prominent Florentine maker, about whom very little information survives. Photographs by Marco Rabatti, Serge Domingie

  • Untitled

    Photographing a Stradivarius

    In this video from 2013, still life photographer Søren Jonesen photographs the 1714 ‘Yoldi-Moldenhauer’ Stradivari. The photoshoot was organised by Danish high-end digital photography company Phase One working with Andy Lim of Darling Publications, which printed a monograph featuring the photos and history of the instrument.

Schilbach Kevlar tailgut

Firmly fastened: the Schilbach Kevlar tailgut


Using military-grade materials to improve set-up stability

Lee Valley

A cut above: Lee Valley stainless steel pocket plane


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Canadian woodworking firm Lee Valley has produced a limited-edition version of its pocket plane in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and with a nickel-plated lever cap.


Die Seele der Geige: documentary featuring Frank Peter Zimmermann and luthier Martin Schleske


[n.b. no English subtitles. As broadcast on Arte.tv, the film is in German, or click the gear icon to change to French.]


The Essence of a Sound: luthier Hans Johannsson at TEDx Reykjavik


Icelandic violin maker Hans Johannsson gives a talk exploring ‘a fascinating juxtaposition of an age-old traditional craft on the one hand and the pursuit of science and technology on the other’, filmed at a TEDx event at the Tjarnarbíó theatre in Reykjavik on 4 November.


How many luthiers does it take to make two violins in a week?


This video follows the week-long process of making two new violins for the Royal Northern College of Music instrument collection during its Strings Festival in March 2018.

Violin by John Simmers 2018

4 tips on using antiquing methods to give an instrument a warm look


John Simmers shares his wisdom on finding a balance between antiquing and not antiquing

Wieniawski Strad crop

In focus: The ‘Wieniawski’ Stradivarius of 1719


In this article from the May 2009 issue, Florian Leonhard takes a close look at a violin which ’encapsulates everything that made Antonio Stradivari such a legendary figure’. Photographs by Richard Valencia

Postiglione 1891 crop

In focus: violin by Vincenzo Postiglione, 1891


Sean Bishop examines a violin by the most prolific and finest Neapolitan makers of the second half of the 19th century. From the January 2008 issue. Photographs by Richard Valencia [click ‘+’ to zoom]


The 1707 'Stella' Stradivarius


Our 2019 calendar brings together twelve of the finest instruments ever made by Antonio Stradivari, all of which were on display at the Tokyo Stradivarius Festival, where the video below was taken. Text by Alessandra Barabaschi

main image

House surveys are standard practice, so why not instrument surveys?


With the case of the disgraced violin dealer Dietmar Machold still fresh, in this article from the December 2011 issue Roger Hargrave argued that buyers should insist that dealers provide full condition reports

Cecil crop

The 1724 'Cecil' Stradivarius – a masterpiece unseen and unheard


Despite having been examined by some of the best-known experts in history, the violin has spent centuries largely hidden – until now. John Dilworth examines one of the least regarded instruments by the Cremonese master


The Strad Calendar 2019: the ‘Kustendyke’ Stradivarius of 1699


Our 2019 calendar brings together twelve of the finest instruments ever made by Antonio Stradivari, all of which were on display at the Tokyo Stradivarius Festival, where the video below was taken. Description by Alessandra Barabaschi