Geared pegs: why isn't everyone using them?


Geared pegs have their advocates and detractors but, as Tom Stewart finds out, the innovation has benefits for a broad range of players, from young students to seasoned professionals


My Space: Benedict Puglisi, Melbourne, Australia


A peek into lutherie workshops around the world with The Strad. From the May 2018 issue [click + to zoom]


A beginner's guide to identifying a Stradivarius


Figuring out the maker of an unknown violin takes a trained eye and a detective’s skill, says luthier John Dilworth. Here he gives his personal perspective on the clues and processes of elimination that help experts pinpoint an instrument’s origins. From the July 2010 issue

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Building bridges: a photo essay


Have you ever wondered who makes the world’s stringed instrument bridges, and how? In this gallery, we follow the process from tree trunk to blank bridge

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Did the Cremonese have access to wood with unique special qualities?


Were the old Cremonese luthiers really using better woods than those available to other makers in Europe? In this article from 2013, Terry Borman and Berend Stoel presented a study of density that suggested otherwise

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Why is the thickness of the front and back of Stradivari's instruments so unpredictable?


Although there is no record of how the Cremonese makers finished their instruments, Dirk Jacob Hamoen argues that the final scraping was done after they had been strung up and played in the white


Clarissa Bevilacqua plays Bach on the 1669 'Clisbee' Stradivarius


Seventeen-year-old violinist Clarissa Bevilacqua performs the Andante from Bach’s Sonata no.2 on the 1669 ‘Clisbee’ Stradivari from the collection of the Museo del Violino, Cremona.


From the archive: a 1717 Brescian cello by Pietro Giacomo Rogeri


Marked forever by Paganini and nearly lost in the snow by Piatti, this 1717 cello by Pietro Giacomo Rogeri has had a colourful history. Article by John Dilworth from the July 2009 issue


Gallery: X-raying a Strad case


Dimitri Musafia shares what is likely the first X-ray of a case from the Stradivari workshop


Rob Landes tries out a titanium violin


In this video, violinist Rob Landes experiments with a violin made out of sheet titanium.

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From the archive: the 1697 'Molitor' Stradivarius


This article by Philip Kass was first published in the December 2010 issue, soon after the instrument had been sold to Anne Akiko Meyers for a then-record $3.6m


Ten Stradivarius instruments brought together for D.C. concert


Library of Congress collection joined by ‘Paganini’ quartet for special event. Philip J. Kass reports