The unlicensed driver sped off with the instruments on the back seat of his vehicle


A musician’s violin, viola and two bows were stolen on Friday when a London cab driver sped off with the instruments – in a rectangular black double case – on the back seat of his vehicle. British freelance violist Zami Jalil (pictured right with the viola) was hastily dropped off by the unlicensed driver, but was was unable to make out the vehicle registration number as he drove away. He has subsequently reported the incident to the police.

Jalil states on his Facebook page:

‘My viola is English (16 and 3/8 inches) made by William Castle and has the label “William Castle , York 1985† inside. It is a distinctive orange/red colour.

'My full size violin has a “Charles Brugere 1919† label inside which is a copy. It has a distinctive mark on the bottom of the violin which you can see in the photo (pictured below).

'My violin bow made by A. Knoll and viola bow made by W. Seifert were also stolen.’

The viola is worth approximately £9,000 and the violin is worth £1,000, while the bows are worth £500 each. The instruments are insured.

Jalil has asked that anyone with information contact him via his Facebook page.


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