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  • Kavakos works on Bruch’s First Concerto with 13-year-old US violinist Anais Feller at his 2019 Masterclass in Athens
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    Leonidas Kavakos: Social Harmony


    Violinist Leonidas Kavakos this year presented his eighth Musical Horizons Conservatory masterclass series. Toby Deller attended the three-day event in Athens, during which Kavakos proved himself to be not only an intelligent and dedicated teacher, but also an advocate of social cohesion and personal responsibility through music

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    Concert review: Leonidas Kavakos (Violin) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra/Myung-Whun Chung


    Janet Banks saw the event at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam on 19 May 2019

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    Two minutes with Leonidas Kavakos


    Leonidas Kavakos will be performing with Yuja Wang at the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre in London this Friday 18 January. In this video he talks London about performing in London and the musical chemistry he shares with Yuja Wang. Details on the upcoming concert here

  • Verbier violinists

    Postcard from Verbier Festival


    Peter Quantrill reports from the 25th anniversary of the Verbier Festival, where a wealth of A-list musicians rubbed shoulders with enthusiastic younger players from the Festival Academy and Orchestra