Stefan Arzberger was arrested for strangulation and burglary, but maintains he was drugged while drinking at a hotel bar


Leipzig Quartet leader Stefan Arzberger (pictured, far left) is appealing for help with legal expenses following his arrest last Friday at the Hudson Hotel in New York. The violinist reportedly launched a naked attack on his hotel neighbour, a 64-year-old woman, and was charged by police with strangulation and burglary. He was released on Saturday morning on $100,000 bail.

However, his fellow quartet members maintain that Arzberger was unknowingly drugged while drinking at the hotel bar, robbed of his credit cards and personal belongings, and has no memory of the five-hour period leading to his arrest.

The quartet has now posted a message on their Facebook page thanking friends and colleagues for their support, and asking for help with Arzberger’s legal fees:

Stefan Arzberger is member of the internationally renowned Leipzig Quartet. This ensemble, with its spectacular career since 1988, ranks among the world’s top ten string quartets. During their US spring tour after the concert in Washington Library of Congress, and on a day off in New York City, he was drugged, robbed of credit cards, money and personal belongings, and was disoriented for the rest of the night.

He woke up with two police officers kneeing on his back. Without any memory of the past five hours, he was charged with assaulting a 64-year-old hotel neighbour. After spending one night in prison he was granted $100,000 bail. The expenses for preparation of an efficient defence are easily up to $50,000.

We hope for your support and thank you for sharing this! Anyone wanting to donate to his defence fund would be appreciated, no amount is too small. All funds raised are solely for attorney fees.

Thank you!!!

Photo: Leipzig String Quartet

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