The Strad dutifully presents some card ideas for that special string player in your life

‘Bow’ sounds like ‘beau’! (If you don’t like puns, this is going to feel like a long list)

Valentine 2

We’re not sure the word ‘fiddle’ is as cute as they think it is.

Valentine 3

Who knew that ‘fiddle’ would be the go-to romance signifier?

Valentine 5

Sorry Mr Cat, maybe she’s just not that into you.

Valentine 6

Bass bear, see above.

Valentine 4

Agreed. Good intonation is attractive.

Valentine 8

You know, like a musical note.

Valentine 10

You, sir, need to go right back to basics and learn how to hold your… well, whatever that is

Valentine 7

More posture concerns here

Valentine 9

What does this even mean?