This illustration of a Francesco Rugierius cello was published in The Strad, October 1924. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photographs:

This cello is an example of the best known of that large family of makers who worked under the names of Ruger, Rogeri and Ruggeri. It is an exceedingly fine specimen in perfect conduction, and with a back which provoked the late W.E. Hill to say that it was the most beautiful back he had ever seen on any cello, the wood, varnish and workmanship being superb.

The scroll is a perfect piece of work, having the flatness of volute which one associates with the work of this maker. The soundhole delicately cut, the design being original and partaking of the qualities of both Amati and Stradivarius.

Francesco Rugeri detto II Per certainly knew how to make and apply varnish. It is of a most beautiful rich warm-red colour, clear and translucent and most beautifully applied.