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  • Anonimo francesce, inizio XIX secolo, Ritratto di violinista (Pierre Rode), olio su tela, cm 92 x 72,5 - HD
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    Pierre Rode: The Rode less travelled


    He is best remembered for his didactic 24 Caprices, but there’s much more to Pierre Rode. For the French virtuoso’s 250th anniversary, Charlotte Gardner reveals a colourful life story and hears from the German violinist Friedemann Eichhorn, who has revived and recorded all of Rode’s 13 violin concertos

  • Liebestod Eichhorn

    Friedemann Eichhorn: Liebestod


     A rare opportunity to hear a composite sonata complete

  • Say Eichhorn

    Friedemann Eichhorn: Say


    Turkish pianist-turned-composer shows his talent in writing for the violin