Products July 2022: Viowiess RZN violin bridge


A 3D-printed bridge offers a more affordable alternative to its wooden counterpart

According to Viowiess CEO William Wiessmeyer, a ‘perfect storm of reasons’ led to the development of his company’s RZN 3D-printed violin bridge. ‘New materials were coming out in 3D printing, manufacturing prices were decreasing, and the pandemic changed how players access bridge-cutting services,’ he says.

To create the product, his company uses stereolithography, where lasers harden liquid resin into shape. As a stable polymer, the material ‘doesn’t expand or contract with temperature changes,’ says Wiessmeyer. At 1.7g, the first RZN violin bridge weighs less than a typical wooden bridge and, Wiessmeyer asserts, gives freedom for alterations to be made in the future: ‘This is a reference model that we can now use to build a library of other variants depending on customer requests. The beauty of 3D printing is that we can iterate very quickly.’..

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